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Archive: Jun 2016

  1. 10 Easy Ways To Save Money This Year

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    10 Easy Ways To Save Money This Year Bright Day Finance

    Start Cutting Your Bills Today With These Helpful Money Saving Tips


    Here are some money saving tips that could save households up to €2000 a year.


    1) Shop around every year to get the best price on your insurances, broadband and mobile. Lots of websites are now available to help you find the best deal and switch.


    2) Save money by changing your energy supplier. Every year I check to see where I can get the best deal and then I move to them.


    3) Don’t go food shopping on an empty stomach as you will buy more than you need. Check the press before you leave the house and make a list of what you need and try to stick to it. Plan your meals for the week then you will know what you need to buy and hopefully won’t overspend.


    4) Make your own lunch, I know it takes more time but you will save a lot of money over the year by taking a packed lunch to work.


    5) Stop buying expensive coffee, buy yourself a stainless steel mug and bring your own coffee. You will be surprised how much you will save over the year.


    6) Don’t leave the TV or other appliances on standby as they are using small amounts of electricity.


    7) Turn off lights, may households leave the lights on even when they are not in a room. Get into the habit of turning them off so you can cut down your electric bill.


    8) Wash your clothes at the lowest appropriate temperature for the fabric type and always try to fill the washing machine.


    9) Stop using the tumble dryer. It’s very heavy on electricity and I would only use it for emergencies.

    10) Consolidate your loans and credit cards, with the right solution you could reduce your monthly payment and reduce your interest.


    R.McGonnell 30th June 2016




  2. When Should You Ask For Help

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    When Should You Ask For Help Bright Day Finance

    Most people struggle to pay their credit card debt, loans and mortgage/rent when they experience a change in their circumstances.


    Their salary may have been cut at work or their hours may have been reduced and now they don’t have the same income as before but they are still expected to pay out the same amount to their household bills and debts every month.


    Redundancy, long term illness, long term unemployment or a business failing are other reasons to cause someone to struggle with debt.


    Every phone call we receive is from someone worried about how they are going to pay their credit union loan, bank loans, credit cards, overdrafts and mortgages etc.


    They can’t sleep at night due to the worry and need help to get their creditors off their back and they want to find a solution to their debt problem.


    Nobody takes out debt with the intention of not paying it back, everything was fine when they applied for their mortgage, car loan or credit card and they didn’t know their income would be reduced at work or that they would be made redundant.


    Once they start missing payments, their creditors can become very difficult to deal with as they only want them to pay their debt and they are not considering the fact that they have other creditors that need to be paid too.


    They can add interest and charges and threaten legal action which just makes things even worse as they are increasing the amount they owe on the debt and are adding more stress to the situation by doing this. Then all the phone calls and debt collection letters start which cause even more stress and they don’t want to answer the phone or open the post anymore.


    If any of this sounds familiar then please ask for help, speak to a Debt Advisor or Personal Insolvency Practitioner as they can help you find a solution to your debt problem.


    Please don’t bury your head in the sand as there are now solutions available that can reduce your monthly repayments, write off unaffordable debt and stop all those nasty calls and letters.


    Someone said to me before that they thought we would shout at them for being in debt or we wouldn’t be able to help them, this would never ever happen as Debt Advisors and Personal Insolvency Practitioners are there to help YOU!


    Debt Advisors and Personal Insolvency Practitioners understand the stress caused by being in debt and they help people every day and would never speak down or shout at someone that they are helping. They don’t work for the banks or the credit unions, they work for you and they help lots of people become debt free every year.


    Some clients have told me in the past that making the first call was so difficult for them as they were worried about what we would think of them, but then after they spoke with us they were so happy that they did make that call as they can now see a light at the end of the tunnel and a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders.


    Some of the solutions now available enable you have up to 70% of your debt written off which will also reduce your monthly debt repayments.


    If you need help with debt then I can arrange a FREE appointment for you with a Debt Advisor or Personal Insolvency Practitioner who will be happy to see if you are eligible to have your debts written off.

    R.McGonnell 26th June 2016



    When Should You Ask For Help Bright Day Finance

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