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Free Debt Advice from Brightday Finance, Ireland.

Our company consists of a team of professionals who have worked in the debt advice industry for many years and we have built great relationships with a network of expert Independent Debt Advisors and Personal Insolvency Practitioners based in Ireland.

We were once a leading provider of Personal Finance Solutions and helped lots of people struggling with debt until November 2013 but due to changes in regulation we decided to no longer offer a debt advice service ourselves.

About Us Bright Day Finance

We now help anyone struggling with debt find an Independent Debt Advisor and Personal Insolvency Practitioner who can offer them free confidential debt advice.

Our service is 100% free to use and you are under no obligation to accept any advice you receive. We work with authorised Debt Advisors and Personal Insolvency Practitioners who are trained to help people who are struggling with unmanageable debt.

We can arrange a FREE phone call with an Independent Debt Advisor or Personal Insolvency Practitioner who will be happy to see if you are eligible to have your debts written off.

These Debt Advisors and Personal Insolvency Practitioners offer Free Debt Advice and can help you find the best solution to clear your debts.

  • Debt advice is free and without obligation
  • There is no commitment required.
  • Anything you discuss is kept completely confidential. They work solely on your behalf and don’t share your information with anyone.

About Us Bright Day Finance

If you would like Free Debt Advice then let us arrange a quick informal chat with a fully trained Debt Advisor or Personal Insolvency Practitioner who will be happy to talk you through a range of debt solutions.

Bright Day Finance In The Media

Many people in Ireland feel ashamed about their debt problems and find it difficult to ask for help. ‘Bright Day Finance’, a new personal finance company are determined to remove this stigma and offer a way out of endless debt.

Step forward, Rory McGonnell. With many years of experience in the debt management industry in the UK, he set up ‘Bright Day Finance’ to help those who can’t help themselves.

Cork Independent Interview With Rory McGonnell – Managing Director

About Us Bright Day Finance

A recent survey found that seven out of ten people lack the confidence or know-how to approach their banks and creditors about their repayment problems. “We can take this worry away from people and negotiate on their behalf with all of their creditors. We have someone at the end of the phone who will give friendly practical advice and help in the strictest confidence.

When you ring ‘Bright Day Finance’ you will always deal with the same person who acts as your own account manager. We can break down all your debts into a system where you pay back only what you can afford. This ensures that your creditors receive regular payments which keeps them happy too,” confirmed Rory. With so many people’s incomes being reduced at the moment without a reduction in debt repayments, many are struggling to find a way out. What ‘Bright Day Finance’ can arrange through a quick spending review is a way to pay off your debts while giving people the ability to survive. “We offer a range of debt solutions and advise the most suitable one to meet our client’s needs.

We can approach the creditors and negotiate better terms and in some cases can even get a part of the debt written off.” Clients can make one monthly affordable payment through ‘Bright Day Finance’ to their various creditors and they, in turn, will often freeze the interest and charges on the debts. ‘Bright Day Finance’ can also handle all the calls and letters from creditors. This offers a real way out of the stress and misery of dealing with debt problems. “Many people ignore their debts and creditors, but if you ignore them they won’t go away. We arrange payments on a pro-rata basis, so every creditor is paid fairly,” said Rory.

Bright Day Finance’ currently has offices in Dublin and Galway and is planning on opening one in Cork soon. However most of their dealings are done over the phone and they always have experienced advisors waiting to take your call. “We invite people to give us a call for an informal and no obligation chat. Sometimes speaking to somebody else with an in-depth knowledge of personal finances can really make a difference. Many people worried about debt walk around with a dark cloud hanging over them and we can help that cloud disappear,” concluded Rory

Bright Day Finance can be contacted on (01 ) 4434125. More details on the services offered are available at

“I just wish I could manage my debts properly.” This is one very common plea often relayed to Rory McGonnell, co-owner of Bright Day Finance.

With almost half a million people in Ireland unemployed and interest rates set to rise, fear is spreading through Irish families and individuals beset by the stress of debt. “Unfortunately, debt related stress is a reality for many Irish people,” says Galway-born Rory, who has set up a personal finance solutions company.

About Us Bright Day Finance

With over ten years experience in the debt management industry in the UK, Rory is confident that he can help people reduce their debt as well as their stress levels.

“I have worked in the debt management industry for the past decade helping people reduce their debt. The business of personal finance and debt management is massive in the UK and we had many clients who needed to regain control of their finances. It is an area I thoroughly enjoy as you can genuinely make a difference to people’s lives and in many cases help them have a good night’s sleep again.”

At Bright Day Finance your own personal account manager will handle your affairs throughout and will always act on your behalf and in your best interests. This approach has been very successful for clients and provides you with peace of mind as well as one point of contact.

The advantages of a debt reduction plan include consolidating debts into one affordable monthly repayment, tailor-made payments to suit your circumstances, while offering peace of mind in the knowledge that you are dealing with your financial situation.

Rory’s return to Ireland after more than a decade in the UK, is a challenge he looks forward to. “We identified a need for a business like Bright Day Finance and given our experience and negotiating skills we think we are ideally placed to make a difference. We offer a number of services from reviewing your finances to guiding you step by step along the road to financial independence.”

Bright Day Finance with offices in Galway and Dublin, has experienced advisors waiting to take your call. Rory says, “We invite people to give us a call for an informal and no obligation chat. Sometimes speaking to somebody else with an in-depth knowledge of finances can really make a difference.”

Bright Day Finance can be contacted on 01 4434125. More details on the services offered are available at

Debtors urged to plan in writing

Following the report last week of a Cork doctor facing hounding from the banks on loans taken out in college, the Cork Independent was contacted by one financial advisor offering services to the doctor in distress.

“I just felt that no-one should be facing the situation she was facing on her own,” said Rory McGonnell of Bright Day Finance in Dublin.

“Without going into details of her case, I advised her to make out detailed income and expenditure documents that can be sent to the banks outlining how much she is able to pay.”

About Us Bright Day Finance

Mr McGonnell urged people facing into debt problems to put everything in writing, as too often, people can just engage in verbal contract that can be broken in the end.

“Put everything down on paper and send it to your creditors, and they will hopefully see how much is available to be paid. We can also take on the debts and manage it into one payment if people want.”

The Irish Medical Organisation could not comment on specific cases but stressed that it was “deeply concerned at the significant levels of debt which doctors can accrue as a result of funding undergraduate medical education and postgraduate training.”

“The IMO believes Government has failed on its election promises to students causing unsustainable debt which is carried far into their careers,” said a spokesperson for the IMO.

“The IMO is meeting with IMO student members and NCHDs to look at the difficulties pertaining to them and to NCHDs who are carrying the burden of debt long into their careers.”

Customer Testimonial by Paul Cork

I couldn't recommend Rory and all the staff at Brightday Finance highly enough. They sorted out all our credit card woes into one affordable monthly payment and lifted a massive burden from our shoulders. We no longer have the stress of trying to find the cash to pay these cards as Rory negotiated excellent terms from all our card providers and now there is a light at the end of the tunnel, Thanks to you all at Brightday. read more customer testimonials