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Great Ways to Make Extra Cash

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Great Ways to Make Extra Cash

Great Ways to Make Extra Cash Bright Day Finance

It can be difficult to survive just on your wages as everything seems to be getting more expensive.

You might just need extra cash to pay the bills every month or you might be trying to pay off your credit cards or loans. It maybe the case that you have not had a holiday for a good few years and these ideas might help you save up for that long awaited break away!

Most people don’t receive a pay rise every year and when you factor in inflation, the value of your money could even be getting less. So to help make a little extra cash, I’ve put together a few of my favourite ways below.

Here are my top 5 ways to make extra money in your spare time that I’ve tried myself.

Rent out your spare room, lots of people are now using Airbnb to roughly make an extra €400 – €500 a month.  You will need to pay income tax on any income earned on Airbnb or you could go for the tax free option and look for a long term lodger/tenant. (Revenue now allows you to earn up to €14,000 a year in rental income tax free) Our neighbours now rent out their whole house at weekends and make about €200 a night. They stay at their parents while they have bookings, if you have friends or relatives that don’t mind you staying with them most weekends this could be a good way to make extra cash.


Become an extra on your favourite TV show or a blockbuster movie. This company website says it may be possible to get paid €50 – €150 a day and some TV adverts pay up to €2000. I spent an exciting week as an extra on Garfield the Movie 2 a few years ago and got paid really well while having a week off work. I played a lawyer and spent most of the week out in the sun meeting lots of great people while I did funny scenes with animals and drove a car. I remember the food on location was delicious and free too!


Have a car boot sale, get up early on a Saturday morning and sell everything you don’t need. Some people can make up to €200 a day and you could even ask your relatives or neighbours if they want you to take away anything they don’t need anymore. We did a car boot sale last year and made about €300 from lots of items we no longer needed and they were just taking up lots of space in the house. You will need to get up early, probably at about 5am to get a good spot for the day. It’s a good idea to spend the night before pricing your items as we didn’t do this and when we opened the back of the car we were literally jumped on by professional buyers, (they buy and sell items every week and make a good profit as they know what price to buy and sell at) It was fine for us as we just wanted to sell everything we had.


Warning!! Don’t buy anything while you are at the car boot sale as you will just come back home with a car full of items you don’t need.


Dog minding/walking, if you love dogs and have time at the weekends you could look after a furry friend for someone who wants to go on holiday but doesn’t like putting their dog in kennels. You could an earn €10 – €30 a night. Our dog stays with the same girl every time we work away or if have a weekend break and he loves it there, it’s like his second family. She also walks about 10 dogs every day and has made a business out of walking dogs before she picks up the kids from school. If you set up your own dog walking/minding business make sure you take out Pet Business insurance cover as it’s good to have an insurance policy in place to cover any accidents and also owners will take you serious if you have insurance.


Rent out your car parking space, you could earn up to €300 a year if you live near the city centre, airport or a train station. will advertise your space for you and usually charge you a fee of 20% to use their service. We live 5 minutes away from a football stadium and have been renting out our driveway to one of the supporters for the last 4 years. He pays €350 a year and knows his car will be in a safe place every time he goes to a match or visits the city. It’s an easy way to make extra money every year and we just need to make sure we move our car or leave enough space for him to park on the driveway when he’s visiting.


I really hope some of these ideas can help you make some extra money this year and every year going forward.


Have a great week everyone.

Great Ways to Make Extra Cash Bright Day Finance

Rory McGonnell

Founder of Bright Day Finance

Personal finance expert and blogger who has an interest in money saving ideas.

Agnes K. from Galway

“Rory McGonnell and his team have been our rock since we started with Bright Day Finance! I don’t know what we would have done without him to sort out our finances it’s been a weight off our shoulders and we have been able to sleep better and not be so stressed knowing he’s taking care of our debts.

He always contacts to make sure we are happy with everything and that if we need any more help with friends or family he is always there to listen and advice”

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