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  1. It’s good to talk about Debt!

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    It’s good to talk about Debt!

    It's good to talk about Debt! Bright Day Finance

    A problem shared is a problem halved. So many people struggle with debt every day on their own and are afraid to open up about it to their loved ones, family or friends. 

    There is so much help now available so no one should suffer in silence anymore. I hear so many stories about, if only he had opened up to me I would have been able to support him and we would have been able to get through it together. 


    The first step is to talk to someone if you are worried about debt, if you don’t feel like you can talk to family or friends then you should contact a debt advisor who will be able to listen to you and offer you Free Confidential debt advice to help you deal with your debt problem.



    I have had so many people say they didn’t think anything could be done for them and after our first conversation they can see a light at the end of the tunnel and they feel like a huge weight has been light as someone is going to help them finally get out of debt and will be supporting them until their debt is cleared. So in this case a problem shared is a definitely a problem halved. 

    Men find it very difficult to talk about debt problems and some feel like a failure for being it debt. It has been instilled in us since we were kids that we should have a good job, house and be successful but sometimes things happen outside of our control that make us struggle to pay our mortgage, loans and credit cards. 

    Everything is going along smoothly and then out of the blue there are cut backs at work or we are made redundant, suddenly our income is reduced and we still have all the household bills, credit cards and loans to pay every months. 

    We try our hardest to find new job but that can sometimes take time and before we know it the credit card bills are even higher as we have used the cards to buy food and other every day essentials needed so our family can survive.

    This also makes the monthly repayments on our credit cards now even higher as the balance is increasing so we start to struggle to pay the monthly payment. Interest late payments and default charges are being added by the banks and are finances are now spiralling out of control. We call the credit card companies to explain our situation but they won’t reduce our payment down and keep adding interest and charges.

    All you keep hearing is the debt needs to be paid otherwise we will pass your account to a debt collector who will take you to court for the money owed. Then the nasty red letters start to appear every day asking you to pay the debt in full and you can’t see a way out and you feel like your stuck in a corner with no way out and no way to clear this spiralling debt. The credit card companies are calling you daily requesting you pay the arrears. You are trying your best to get a new job and had interviews lined up but the last thing you need is the pushy phone calls and letters from your creditors. 

    If this all sounds familiar to you then it’s time to speak to your family and also time to speak to a professional debt advisor, make that call it will be the best thing you ever do!

    When you make that phone call a weight will be lifted and someone will be able to help you deal with the credit card companies and the debt. If you are struggling to pay the debt then a debt advisor will look at solutions to help you clear it off as soon as possible with affordable payments. If you are eligible they can even set up debt write off solutions where your debt could be written off, there are now so many more debt solutions available and all you need to do is open up and talk to a debt advisor. 

    If you are eligible for one of these solutions then the debt advisor will deal with the debts for you and you will have the support you need as someone will be fighting your corner to get the debt paid off. 

    If you are struggling to pay your debts please give us a call on 01 4434125 as we can arrange a Free appointment with a Debt Advisor or Personal Insolvency Practitioner who will offer you Free Debt Advice.

    R.McGonnell 18th May 2019

    It's good to talk about Debt! Bright Day Finance

    Rory McGonnell

    Founder of Bright Day Finance

    Personal finance expert and blogger who has an interest in money saving ideas.

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    Agnes K. from Galway

    “Rory McGonnell and his team have been our rock since we started with Bright Day Finance! I don’t know what we would have done without him to sort out our finances it’s been a weight off our shoulders and we have been able to sleep better and not be so stressed knowing he’s taking care of our debts.

    He always contacts to make sure we are happy with everything and that if we need any more help with friends or family he is always there to listen and advice”

    Maurice C. from Ballinasloe

    “To begin with I was lost in the recession being in the construction game, rising debts and pressures mounting I contacted Bright Day Finance for some guidance and after the first consultation I felt easier in my day to day as they (the banks and credit companies) let up on the letters that get under your skin. Bright Day is a friendly service, helpful and I honestly would have been lost without them this past year, I couldn’t speak more highly of them.”

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