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Taking Steps When Dealing with Debt Problems

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Taking Steps When Dealing with Debt Problems

Taking Steps When Dealing with Debt Problems Bright Day Finance

When it comes to debt, it’s normal for us to want to bury our head in the sand and hope the problem will go away. However, the likelihood is that the problem will continue to snowball, often leaving us in a position worse than before. While debt can be seen as something of a stigma, it is actually something a number of us suffer from. In fact, back in 2013, a study showed that over 57% of families were struggling with debt in Ireland.


Why We Fall into Financial Hardship

When we fall into financial hardship, it’s easy to blame ourselves. Of course, there can be instances where we can change a few things to make budgeting a little easier, but debt is something that can creep up on any of us unexpectedly. One of the main causes can be a change in income. Some of us may have been made redundant, or lost a source of income. As such, out financial commitments can suffer.

The Kind of Debt We Can Incur

For some people, they could be behind in rent or mortgage payments, whereas others may be struggling with loans and credit cards. When trying to meet several different commitments, you will often find yourself in a vicious circle with no resolution in sight. Many assume that they have to suffer in silence, unaware that there is help available to those struggling due to debt.


Dealing with Debt 

One of the most difficult steps to take when dealing with debt is the first one. When we first start tackling our debt issues, it’s normal for us to feel a little overwhelmed with the number of things we have to do. If we’re not experienced in dealing with debt, we can find that we hit a series of brick walls when trying to deal with the debt. As such, many can be deterred from ever dealing with the problem.

However, many may be surprised at what free debt advice is available, which in turn can offer those in debt several solutions. For example, personal insolvency is something that comes up a lot when dealing with debt, but not everyone is sure of what it entails and what ramifications there are.

Bright Day Finance was set up to help those in debt and can arrange a free appointment with a trained Independent Debt Advisor who will advise just what options are available to those in debt. Although debt can be crippling for many, seeking out debt advice in Ireland from Independent debt advice professionals will ensure that you’re fully aware of your next steps, regardless of whether you’re considering insolvency, or just looking for some advice in relation to credit card debt.


Moving Forward

It’s completely normal to feel anxious when we start to deal with our debt problems, but having access to the right kind of advice will ensure that you’re on the right path when it comes to dealing with financial commitments, while ensuring a solid plan is in place moving forward.

If you’re currently looking for some free debt advice to ensure that you’re moving in the right direction financially, then why not contact Bright Day Finance today to see what options are available.

Taking Steps When Dealing with Debt Problems Bright Day Finance

Rory McGonnell

Founder of Bright Day Finance

Personal finance expert and blogger who has an interest in money saving ideas.

Agnes K. from Galway

“Rory McGonnell and his team have been our rock since we started with Bright Day Finance! I don’t know what we would have done without him to sort out our finances it’s been a weight off our shoulders and we have been able to sleep better and not be so stressed knowing he’s taking care of our debts.

He always contacts to make sure we are happy with everything and that if we need any more help with friends or family he is always there to listen and advice”

Maurice C. from Ballinasloe

“To begin with I was lost in the recession being in the construction game, rising debts and pressures mounting I contacted Bright Day Finance for some guidance and after the first consultation I felt easier in my day to day as they (the banks and credit companies) let up on the letters that get under your skin. Bright Day is a friendly service, helpful and I honestly would have been lost without them this past year, I couldn’t speak more highly of them.”

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